Bird nest removals

For some birds like swifts, starlings and swallows, chimneys are the perfect spot to build nests, offering respite from the elements and are easy to access. However, this means that the dry twigs, leaves and debris can become a fire hazard. There is also a risk that the nest will block the opening, causing fumes to build up inside the home.

Signs of a bird nest in a chimney

  • You hear chirping or flapping coming from inside the flue.
  • Feathers, twigs or debris is the fireplace.
  • Lots of bird activity around the chimney top – take some time to watch your chimney and see if there are any birds around the chimney.
  • Time of year could be a tell tell – birds typically nest between March and August.

What to do if a bird nest is in the chimney

Perhaps obvious, but do not attempt to burn out the nest – this can create a chimney fire and or can fill the entire house with smoke.Note, time is of the essence if you suspect a nesting bird – the wildlife and countryside act makes it an offence to remove a nest in use which may mean you have to wait until the end of August to have the nest removed. Not only this, but the nest may slip down the chimney with time making it impossible for small fledglings to fly the nest and sadly die stuck in the chimney. This can lead to further issues with fly infestations.If you suspect a bird may be beginning to nest then contact our team and we will be able to remove the nest.

How we remove a bird nests

We cannot remove a nest whilst it is in use, but once the nest is vacant we can go about the process of removing the nest. To remove, a small hard brush is used to break up the nest, followed by a larger brush until the chimney is completely clear. Finally a smoke test is carried out to ensure the flue is drawing correctly and their is no leakage or damage to the chimney.

How to stop nesting birds in chimneys

To stop nesting birds in chimneys we advise, and install, bird guards and covers. If you have previously had birds nesting in your chimney this is particularly important as some birds, like swifts and swallows, will nest in the same place in the following year.

Can we help you?

We are associates of the national chimney sweep and can provide chimney sweeps for residential and commercial properties in London, Surrey and some surrounding bordering counties – get in contact for a quote today!