Smoke tests

If you have any doubt about the condition of a chimney or if an old chimney is to be used after a long time, we would recommend that a smoke test is carried out.

Why are smoke tests required?

Smoke tests are required to check the flue is drawing smoke correctly and that there are no issues with smoke leaking from the chimney. Typically this is required after any appliances have been installed and or the flu has been lined to check everything is working correctly. Smoke leakage from the chimney can be very dangerous as harmful gases can leak into rooms within the property (and neighbouring properties).

We advise on smoke tests if:

  • You have not used the fire place in some time
  • You have installed any new appliances such as a stove or had the flue lined
  • You or a neighbour suspects smoke is leaking from the chimney

What is involved in a smoke test?

  1. The flue is heated using a propane heater for a few minutes to establish a flue draw. This can take up to 10 minutes depending upon conditions such as the temperature and if the flue is wet.
  2. At least two smoke pellets are lit to generate the smoke
  3. Once there is enough smoke, the entrance and exist of the chimney are covered to capture all the smoke inside the flue
  4. The property is then inspected to check for any smoke that might be escaping
  5. If any smoke is detected leaking from the chimney the point at which smoke is escaping needs to be established and fixed
  6. If no leakage is detected, the entrance and exist of the chimney are opened, releasing the smoke, and the smoke test is complete.