CCTV Survey

At Simple Sweep, we offer chimney CCTV surveys for residential and commercial properties. Get in contact for a quote today.

What is a Chimney CCTV survey?

A chimney CCTV survey involves putting a small camera, with 360 degree views and powerful lights, up the chimney and taking high-resolution footage and images. The camera can be passed along the full length of the chimney to identify any issues through the entire flue.

Why do I need Chimney CCTV survey?

Chimney CCTV surveys are required when the chimney needs closer inspection when they cannot be inspected from the base or top of the chimney. This includes instances like:

  • The chimney is blocked – this is often from fallen massony, bird nests and building works
  • The flue is damaged or leaking – Chimneys often become damaged with chimney fires or become decrepit and need fixing. Additionally identifying where smoke is leaking from the flue requires a camera to attempt to locate the leak in the flue and remedy.
  • To understand flue lining requirements – if chimneys are going to be lined, doing a CCTV survey can help deciding upon the best lining system.
  • For peace of mind – perhaps you have just moved into a property, or had major building works, and like to understand the condition of the chimney.

How can we help?

If you suspect you need a CCTV chimney survey, our small qualified team can help. We can provide reports, footage and images – perfect for surveyors and landlords who may need detailed references in the future.